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$1 million Small Community Air Service Development Grant given to the City of Billings



Billings, Montana – A $1,000,000 Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASD) grant has been given to the City of Billings by the United States Department of Transportation to be used for recruiting, launching, and assisting in the establishment of new air service between Billings and either of the two California hubs, Los Angeles or San Francisco, in collaboration with the Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID), the Billings Chamber of Commerce, and Big Sky Economic Development.

“This SCASD grant is a very effective tool in our community’s ongoing air service development effort. We were successful in bringing American Airlines service to Billings with the last SCASD grant and I am looking forward to the new air service this grant will generate,” shared Jeff Roach, Director of Aviation and Transit for the City of Billings.

Southern California is one of the most popular travel destinations for Billings people who do not currently have direct service, according to President/CEO John Brewer of the Billings Chamber of Commerce. “By offering better travel options for leisure, family visits, and business travel, direct service to the Los Angeles or San Francisco area would grow our visitor economy and improve the quality of life for residents,” he continued.

The coveted SCASD grant has been given to the City of Billings for the second time, which is an exciting development in the community-wide effort to expand the frequency and availability of aviation service from the Billings airport.

“Increasing Air Service is a strategic priority for the businesses and communities we serve. We’re pleased to see that our government partners recognize our efforts and continue to support us as we expand our air service partnerships,” shared Ashley Kavanagh, Senior Director of Recruitment and Community Development at Big Sky Economic Development.

In order to maximize the federal grant, the City of Billings, the Tourism Business Improvement District, the Billings Chamber of Commerce, and Big Sky Economic Development are working together with important parties to expand air service in the Billings market. Their objective is to provide a local match in funding.


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