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40 new U.S. citizens welcomed at naturalization ceremony in Yellowstone National Park



Gardiner, Montana – In order to commemorate the completion of a protracted path for US citizenship, 40 people from 25 different nations gathered on Thursday at Yellowstone National Park.

Cecilia Berrett relocated to Wyoming from the Philippines nine years ago, when she married Jacob and began a family.

Jacob claims to have witnessed Cecilia working numerous hours to become a citizen. It was a great time for him to finally witness her receiving her naturalization certificate.

“Pretty emotional for me,” said Jacob. “Watching her study every day, seeing her struggle to get things right—I’m very proud of what she’s done.”

It was difficult work, but Cecilia believes she would do it again.

“It’s worth it. You wait a long time and study hard for the history,” she said.

These 40 people, who come from all over the world and have made new homes in states like Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, are starting a new chapter with the Naturalization Ceremony.

People from a variety of cultures, each with fresh insights and stories to tell, made up the crowd.

As their loved ones received accolades for their dedication, families and friends cheered proudly from the sidelines.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services frequently takes part in naturalization ceremonies at national parks or museums to recognize immigrants and celebrate the completion of their path toward citizenship, which Cecilia and her family look forward to as they experience a newfound sense of freedom and achievement.

“I made it,” said Cecilia. “I can’t explain all the emotions, but here we go—I’m a U.S. Citizen now.”


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