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A child tax credit plan in Montana may reward parents $1200 per child



Helena, Montana – A bill to create a state child tax credit in Montana has begun to make its way through a committee.

The Montana House Taxation Committee heard it on Friday.

Representative Ed Stafman of Bozeman is the author of the bill, which establishes a $600 and a $1,200 child tax credit for kids between the ages of 6 and 18 respectively.

The proposed credit would be refundable, so a family would still receive it even if they did not owe any taxes that year.

The full credit would be available for incomes at or below:
• $65,000 for every married individual who files a joint return and for every surviving spouse
• $55,000 for every head of household, and
• $45,000 for every individual other than a surviving spouse or head of household who is not a 2 married individual.


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