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A store in downtown Billings asks public to look out for stolen crystal



Billings, Montana – Since Susan Powell has operated Barjon’s Books in Billings, Montana, since 1977, she has never had to deal with a break-in. Prior till recently.

“I got a call from the maintenance man of the building around 7:30 Monday morning,” Powell said Wednesday. “Sue get down here, your back door is open and there’s stuff strewn everywhere.”

She spotted several products missing when she got to the store at 223 N. 29th St., but one in particular caught her eye.

“It’s weird because that crystal was sitting there with no price, and there were two very expensive ones that they didn’t take,” she said.

Powell claimed that a sizable, rare quartz was taken from one of the store’s display cases. The gem had no price attached to it and was not for sale. The unlisted quartz was taken instead of the two other crystals, each of which was valued at roughly $1,500.

Powell stated that the crystal will be used for “healing” and that it was not for sale because it had significance to her. Powell and her companion bought the crystal about 40 years ago. After their divorce, her ex-husband kept the crystal in New York while Powell relocated to Montana.

“Just last year, he finally sent it to me. He felt it was time for it to come here. There were plans for it in terms of earth healing and human-to-earth connection, those kinds of things,” she said.

On Monday morning, Powell filed a report with the Billings police. On social media, she also urged people to look out for the gem.

“Police are working on it, and so many people are aware at least,” Powell said.

According to Katy Easton, CEO of the Downtown Billings Alliance, what occurred at Barjon’s is unusual.

“As we look at crime statistics with our office, we’re finding that year over year calls for service to downtown are actually decreasing,” Easton said. “Downtown Billings is not a dangerous place. It’s a very safe place to be.”

Even though break-ins are uncommon, according to Easton, the Downtown Billings Alliance provides local business owners with tips on how to deter crime. Business owners can register for a free environment design property review and finish the de-escalation and trespass agreement training offered by the Billings Police Department.

Powell is hoping that the social media post will help her recover the gem.

“I’m not angry at them, I’m sad. I’m broken-hearted,” she said.


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