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Actor Jeff Bridges creates a new cookie with Livingston Community Bakery



Livingston, Montana – In collaboration with actor Jeff Bridges, the Livingston Community Bakery created a recently popular cookie.

According to the Livingston Community Bakery, Bridges and the Livingston Food Resource Center collaborated on the creation of their new “Bridges Breakfast Cookie” out of passion.

“This was sort of born as a personal project for Jeff,” said Margy Ek with the Livingston Community Bakery. “He has been a supporter of the Food Resource Center for quite some time now. And this is just another unique idea, just another idea to bring awareness to the organization, get some more foot traffic in the door.”

The bakery used to produce approximately a dozen cookies per day, but as demand for the cookies has grown, they have had to double output.

“I just remember all of the times George would be in there and say, ‘Here’s a new batch of the cookie – can you guys’ try it?’ And we got to see some beginning ones, and now we’re really happy and Jeff Bridges is really happy with the cookie, too,” Ek said.

Ek writes that while the cookie is a hearty cookie that you can have any time of day, Jeff Bridges suggested dipping it in your morning coffee.

“He wanted a cookie that wasn’t so much on the sweet side, that most cookies tend to be, but there are dried cherries in there, so that’s a little tart and sweet—and in the words of Jeff Bridges, it tickles the tongue,” Ek said.

Profits from the annual bake sale are donated to the local Food Resource Center by the Livingston Community Bakery.

In addition, the bakery produces bread with regional ingredients that it distributes to food banks throughout the state.

“It just feels like we’re truly the community part of our name, the Livingston Community Bakery,” Ek said.


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