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After receiving almost a dozen hound dogs, Stafford Animal Shelter says permanent homes are still required



Montana – An unusual surprise arrived on September 20 at the Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston: 11 hound dogs, seven of which are puppies and four of which are adults who are still eligible for adoption.

Lauren Smith, Executive Director of Stafford, provides us with an overview of their arrival at the shelter.

“Eleven were brought to Stafford Animal Shelter on Sept. 20 by someone local in the area. We placed these dogs in what we would call our isolation, so we have a barn,” said Smith.

Veterinarians in Stafford isolated and examined the animals, discovering that all seven puppies had worms and a difficult-to-prevent infection known as parvo.

“If animals are vaccinated appropriately and receive the dosage they are supposed to receive, you can avoid and prevent them from getting the virus,” Smith explained.

The adult hounds’ prior home did not provide them with socializing. A worker at an animal shelter hopes to locate owners who will put in the effort to win over the trust of their animals.

“Young adults and mom; Diana, Beverly, and Lwaxana, are very fearful and shy and so they’d do best in a mature household, a quiet home, a home with a fenced yard,” Smith said. “They are not used to a home setting at all”.

The shelter acknowledges the overabundance of animals in the neighborhood and offers suggestions for how pet owners might assist.

“If you have an animal, you want to spay and neuter them so you don’t have unwanted or unplanned-for litters,” Smith recommended. “And then to be able to keep them healthy you want to provide them the proper vaccinations they need.”

Should you like to adopt a hound from Stafford, the shelter is open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Drop-ins are accepted.

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