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Anthem Development embarks on pioneering overhaul at DART’s Lake Ray Hubbard station



Garland, Texas – In an era characterized by economic unpredictability, it takes a visionary enterprise to imagine and embark on projects that can shape the urban skyline. Dallas-based Anthem Development has done just that, initiating an ambitious transformation of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) Lake Ray Hubbard station located in Garland, Texas, according to Dallas Metro News. This significant move underscores the potential for reinvigorating transit areas into vibrant, multifaceted hubs of urban life.

Lofts iThirty: A Pinnacle of Modern Living

Central to Anthem Development’s grand vision is the Lofts iThirty. This expansive residential endeavor, consisting of 340 units, stands strategically adjacent to the transit station. Interestingly, this site was initially destined to house a Sam’s Club outlet under Wal-Mart’s banner. Yet, in a twist of fate and strategic decision-making, Anthem Development acquired the land, signaling the beginning of an exciting urban metamorphosis.

Commenting on the development amidst a backdrop of economic tumult, Will McNutt, Anthem’s president, remarked, “We were able to close on this project during a period of volatility in the economy and capital markets where other groups are having difficulty getting their projects financed, especially development deals.” His statement, shared with Multifamily Dive, reflects the firm’s steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries.

It’s not just the scope but the quality of the blueprint that stands out. The project’s design was honored with the Urban Design Gold award by the American Planners Association – a testament to its potential for crafting a defining “sense of place” in the community.

But Lofts iThirty is more than just residential units. The vision captures a holistic living experience. Prospective inhabitants are promised a diverse range of amenities: two swimming facilities, a dedicated pet-care center, recreational spaces, a high-end coffee bar, remote workspaces with breathtaking views, and extensive fitness centers, to name a few.

Furthermore, its strategic geographical location amplifies its allure. Nestled close to the serene Duck Creek Trail and providing rapid access to the Interstate 30, residents are positioned just a short commute away from the bustling core of downtown Dallas.

The Future Beckons

While the Lofts iThirty promises a transformative living experience, Anthem Development’s vision extends beyond. The overarching plan foresees an overhaul of the entire Lake Ray Hubbard station area. This includes the potential development and revamping of neighboring parcels intended for retail and hospitality ventures, enriching the entire vicinity.

With the first phase of residences scheduled to open doors in the latter part of 2024, the Lake Ray Hubbard station area is on track to emerge as a shining beacon of urban rejuvenation and a testament to the promise of transit-oriented development. As cities continue to evolve, ventures like these offer a glimpse into the future of integrated urban living.

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