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Artist from Billings repairing damage to the painting at the 6th Street Underpass



Billings, Montana – Elyssa Leininger painted the mural, “Rise and Shine,” at the 6th Street Underpass in 2020.

“I love Montana wildlife, and I know the underpass really well, so when they had a job posted to paint something there a few years ago, I jumped on it and I got the job,” said Leininger.

As construction continued for the underpass project, high-pressurized water was used in an attempt to clean the painting, causing minor damage to the art.

She took photos and sent them to DOWL Engineering and the Montana Department of Transportation, who agreed to compensate her for the damages attained due to the improper cleaning of her art.

“We’re working on getting everything sorted when I get back to Billings. It seems to have just been a misunderstanding,” explained Leininger.

Leininger posted to social media in response to many Billings residents expressing anger and frustration towards the damaged artwork.

“I saw an outpouring of anger from people when it happened, and that’s not why I got into being an artist,” said Leininger.

“I’m happy people are so protective of the mural and supportive of it, and they love it, but I also don’t want this to put a damper on its beauty.”


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