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Assistance is provided for low-income homes in Montana that experience floods in 2022



Bozeman, Montana – Low-income Applying for funds to rebuild houses damaged by floods in 2022 is now possible for Montanans.

The recently announced funds are a component of the Rural Disaster House Rehabilitation Grant Program’s $55.7 million in USDA supplementary catastrophe funding.

Houses must be situated in counties in Montana’s Carbon, Flathead, Park, Stillwater, Sweet Grass, Treasure, and Yellowstone that have been designated as presidential disaster regions.

“Montanans help their neighbors through difficult times. Last year’s flooding was one of those times, and the Montana spirit was on display as neighbors helped neighbors dig out, dry out, and mop up,” said Williams. “USDA Rural Development in Montana is proud to be part of this special Montana community and to help with needed resources to rebuild lives, homes, and communities, especially for those who can least afford to do so.”

Homeowners who qualify may apply directly to USDA for up to $40,675 in repairs.

According to the USDA, money will be accessible until they are spent and may be used for house repair costs associated with disasters that the President has declared in the calendar year 2022, as well as for preparing a site for a mobile home or moving a manufactured home.

In order to qualify, applicants’ households must not earn more than the maximum allowed for their county of residence and household size, live in an eligible rural area, and have a home in a region that the President has declared a disaster in 2022.

Regarding extra financing to assist rural communities in repairing water infrastructure and crucial community amenities, a second announcement will soon be made.

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