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Austin startup revolutionizes retail workforce with revolutionary platform



The retail industry is no stranger to the challenges that come with maintaining a competent workforce. Despite its pervasive influence in our everyday lives, the sector faces an ongoing labor shortage that has left many establishments struggling to keep their doors open.

However, one promising startup in Austin, Texas, is attempting to bridge the gap and offer workers complete autonomy over their schedules. According to Dallas Metro News, Reflex is an innovative online platform that enables individuals to select shifts at their leisure, anywhere they desire. As the city braces itself for an influx of tourists, the retail industry is feeling the pressure of a labor shortage, with many businesses struggling to find suitable staff.

“The industry demands tough hours, including weekends and holidays,” said Mike Meyers, CEO of Reflex. “This has resulted in a significant dearth of competent retail workers.”

Reflex offers a solution to this issue by connecting reliable workers with retailers via its online platform. Meyers further stated, “There are numerous individuals who are eager to work in the retail sector, but they crave flexibility in their work schedule.” The company focuses primarily on brick-and-mortar retail establishments and seeks to provide its employees with greater work-life balance and flexibility.

Tatiana Arias is one of the many individuals who have benefitted from Reflex’s innovative approach. As an ardent fashion enthusiast, Arias states that flexibility is the key element that motivates her to work through Reflex. The company conducts a quick background check on its workers before allowing them to begin working at locations such as Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, and Everlane.

According to Meyers, “Individuals can select shifts at their preferred brands, decide when and where they want to work, and receive payment within 24 hours of completing their work.” Arias noted, “Reflex offers two options – I can select my preferred shifts a day before or opt for the platform’s open options, making it easier for me to find work when I’m available.”

Shelby Parrish, owner of Party & Co., a small retail establishment, has also collaborated with Reflex. She noted that the company’s workers have some background in retail, which alleviates pressure on the business owners. All Reflex workers receive payment directly from the platform, and the startup presently serves over 60 stores in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.


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