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Author from Montana presents her book to students



Great Falls, Montana – A group of students at Morningside Elementary School in Great Falls heard author Brenda Wrigley read aloud from her most recent book, “Tim’s Triumphant Trumpet,” on Thursday.

“This is absolutely powerful for our students,” says Cherie Stordahl, a special education teacher at Morningside.

Tim, a young child who aspires to form a band and has a passion for playing the trumpet, is the protagonist of the novel. He performs his music with pride and perseveres in achieving his aim despite all the doubters.

Brenda thinks that by telling this story, kids can relate to the lesson.

“To be able to come into a class and read a book about perseverance and strength, where you can be determined, it shows you can actually push on and achieve goals,” says Wrigley.

Hopefully, the book will serve as an inspiration to kids in the Great Falls School District.

“Just to have that in their hands is a powerful movement to help kiddos be excited about reading. Reading is not easy for every student. And so when they get excited about it, they will persevere and they will try harder,” says Stordahl.

“We are finding all the classes here, right here in Great Falls that I’m going to come and I’m going to visit. I’m going to read. And then we’ll be giving out books to anybody in that class that get sponsored,” Wrigley adds.

Brenda wants as many GFPS kids to have access to her book as possible through her “Triumphant Tales” initiative.

Brenda wants to share her story with students, and you can help her achieve this goal by becoming a sponsor. Brenda can be reached by email at

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