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Local News2 days ago

The potential effects of Montana’s low unemployment rate on holiday hiring

Helena, Montana – In August, Montana’s unemployment rate fell below 3% for the 22nd consecutive month. “Since the 1970s we’ve...

Local News2 days ago

Chick-fil-A coming to MSU in spring 2024

Bozeman, Montana – Officially opening on the Montana State University campus in Bozeman is Chick-fil-A. As they are ready to...

Local News2 days ago

Peer-to-peer support group in Billings is being hosted by NAMI

Billings, Montana – September is almost over, and with it, the end of National Suicide Prevention Month. In actuality, suicide...

Local News2 days ago

Over the weekend, Big Sky Chorus holds a fundraiser to support their work and music education

Billings, Montana – Established in 1955, the Big Sky Chorus was the inaugural Billings branch of the global non-profit Barbershop...

Montana2 days ago

Young woman owns a Montana business for the third generation

Montana – Taking over this company was no simple feat. Nichole and the team persevered through some challenging moments and...

Local News4 days ago

Locals in Billings are remodeling the Downtown Skate Park

Billings, Montana – In the past two years, Jace Kelly, 16, has visited the Downtown Skate Park almost every time,...

Local News4 days ago

Police investigate after hearing loud fireworks, and locals react

Billings, Montana – When Billings Police arrived on scene on Saturday night, they discovered that the explosion was really a...

Local News4 days ago

In Billings Heights, the area is safer for medical Students at Crow, with a new sidewalk

Billings, Montana – Since Medicine Crow Middle School opened in 2016, parents and the Heights Task Force have expressed worry...

Local News4 days ago

Boy from Rims is rescued by Billings firefighters after he tries to save the family pet

Billings, Montana – When a Billings youngster attempted to rescue his cat, Bruce, on Sunday afternoon from a precarious situation...

Montana4 days ago

The awareness ride, Ride for Their Lives, is back

Billings, Montana – For several hours, the Magic City’s streets were completely packed with cyclists riding in unison for a...