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Bakken trying to hire people from outside the state



North Dakota – In our state, the Bakken aims to boost oil output. But they’ll need additional employees to do that.

They are currently searching everywhere for assistance.

According to North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness, the cold weather caused a decrease in oil production in December.

Yet according to him, production should increase in January.

Additionally, a rise in oil production in our state may result from hiring more people.

Ness said he wants to hire people from within the state, from elsewhere in the state, and even from abroad.

“We have to engage and show them the opportunities that we have right here in North Dakota for them to be employed. One in five North Dakotans is working directly or indirectly for the oil and gas industry. And we have to show that that’s a tremendous career path and a lot of opportunities in different areas. But secondly, I think that we have to look well out beyond our borders. We are hoping for immigration reform,” said Ness.

According to Ness, hiring more workers would lead to a greater demand for hotels, restaurants, daycare centers, and other services, all of which would result in an increase in employment opportunities.

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