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Biden is your best bet for a stronger U.S. economy



If you believe that history tends to repeat itself, and you want a better economy, a Democratic president is your best bet. Between 1948 and 2019, the economy under Democratic administrations has consistently outperformed Republican presidents.

Unemployment under Democrats decreased by 1.8% and increased by 2% under Republicans. The best performing administration was Kennedy/Johnson, and Nixon/Ford was worst. Since 1948, nine of the incidents of rising unemployment were under the Republican administrations and two were under the Democrats. Democratic administrations have exhibited 28% higher personal income growth and 15% higher disposable income growth. Personal income growth was highest under Kennedy/Johnson and lowest under Truman.

Since the inception of the S&P market index, growth under Democrats averaged 11% and 7% under Republicans. Since 1957, eight of the largest dips occurred under Republicans and three under Democrats. The Clinton administration had the highest growth with 17% and the lowest was under George W. Bush at -1%.

Other factors such as growth in GDP, national debt, and deficits point strongly toward the superiority of Democratic administrations. Before making the important decision for president, consider the data at the Bureaus of Labor Statistics and Economic Analysis websites, then cast your vote for Joe Biden.

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