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Big Sky skiers express excitement as the resort prepares for its longest ski season yet



Big Sky, Montana — Local skiers at Big Sky Resort are overjoyed to have additional time to spend on the slopes as the resort will extend its ski season this year, making it the longest one yet.

Manuel Carballo spent 95 days skiing at the resort last year while residing in Big Sky for five seasons. He claims that the resort would benefit greatly from a longer ski season.

“I like skiing a lot. That’s part of the reason I ended up here. At the end of the season, I feel like I can never get enough,” says Carballo. “I know the locals will be stoked because everybody here really likes to ski and so there’s definitely going to be that sort of traffic and I’m sure it will be quieter than like the most, you know, the busiest parts of the year.”

Big Sky Resort’s season will now last 169 days, beginning the day before Thanksgiving and ending on April 28. Stacie Mesuda, the PR manager for Big Sky Resort, is looking forward to more chances to go skiing and predicts that longer ski seasons will become the new norm.

“Personally, I’m very excited because ski season is my favorite time of the year,” says Mesuda. “I love skiing in the Spring because it tends to be really sunny. April is my favorite month to ski, so I’m looking forward to skiing all the way ’til April 28.”

Shifting these opening and closing dates, according to Mesuda, will reduce some of the shoulder seasons and increase business for hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments.

“By staying open until April 28, we’re really trying to enliven some of that traditional shoulder season where it gets a little bit slower here in Big Sky. Eventually, we hope to stay open through the month of May for skiing.”

To enjoy this prolonged season, Big Sky resident Carballo is hoping for a snowy winter.

“I think as long as the snow gods are good to us and we have enough snow to last us into April, like late April, that will be awesome,” he says.


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