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Billing woman to face 20 years in prison after enticing people to offer prostitution services



Billings, Montana – On Tuesday, a Billings woman who owned and managed massage parlors confessed to accusations that she enticed people to work in her companies and offer prostitution services.

According to a news statement from the US Attorney’s Office, Kyong Cha Roberts, 68, pled guilty to an indictment charging her with coercion and enticement. Roberts may face up to 20 years in jail, a $250,000 fine, and five years of supervised release if found guilty.

U.S. District Judge Dana L. Christensen has yet to set a sentencing date. Roberts was released pending further proceedings.

Federal prosecutors claimed that for nearly 3 years, Roberts owned and ran massage parlors in Billings, including U-Spa and Happy Spa, according to court documents.

Roberts posted in the online Korean magazine Kyocharo in June 2019 that she was looking for ladies to work in her massage company and included her phone number.

A woman who asked to remain anonymous contacted Roberts, who promised her she could make $5,000 per month working at the massage business.

The woman spoke with Roberts over the phone about the sexual services available at U-Spa. She agreed to travel to Billings, purchased a bus ticket, and began working at U-Spa in June 2019.

The woman and Roberts talked about sexual services once again. Customers are more likely to pay cash for services. The majority of consumers received massages as well as sexual services.

In Montana, prostitution is illegal.

FBI was investigating the case.

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