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BIllings Clinic seek assistance from Montana National Guard



BIllings Clinic seek assistance from Montana National Guard

Billings, Montana – Billings Clinic has contacted the Montana National Guard for assistance with Covid-19 patients for the second time since the pandemic began.

The National Guard was called in to assist with the Covid-19 crisis at the hospital just last October.

And now we’re told that the Clinic will accept whatever assistance they can obtain.

The ICU floor is overcrowded with Covid-19 patients, according to the clinic.

According to the Billings Clinic, 40 patients were infected with the coronavirus on Wednesday, which is why they’re hoping the National Guard will send troops to assist nurses with day-to-day activities.

Other hospitals across the state and country are also in a similar situation, so, according to the Clinic, they’ll take anything and everyone they can get.

According to Billings Clinic, they are currently understaffed, with roughly 1,400 nurses on staff. But they also have more than 100 job openings for nurses.

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