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Billings closes park amenities to slow coronavirus spread



BILLINGS, Mont. – The City of Billings says Parks and Recreation will be removing tennis nets, basketball rims, and volleyball nets at all city parks. Closed signs are displayed at each park playground to help combat the spread of coronavirus.

Parks and Rec staff will continue to clean and disinfect playgrounds up to three times per day, according to city officials. All restroom facilities are currently open.

List of Closures

  • Volleyball Court
    • Grandview, Rose
  • Tennis Courts
    • North, Castlerock, Pioneer, Central, Lillis, South, Rose, Grahm’s Court
  • Basketball courts
    • Walsh, Edgerton, North, South, Central, Optimist, Streeter, Terry, Comanche, Gorham, Sacajawea, Pioneer, Lillis, Stewart, Rosebud, Rose, Evergreen, Burg, Yellowstone Family
  • Playgrounds
    • Walsh, Edgerton, Hawthorne, Walden Grove, Arrowhead, Uinta/Twin Oaks, Francis, Primrose, North, South, Comamache, Optimist, Ponderosa, Terry, Highland, Central, Streeter, Pioneer, Rose, Burg, Veterans, Eaton Kiwannis/Duraland, Westwood, Stewart, Boulder, Evergreen, Lillis, Millace, Gorham, Sacajawea, Rosebud, Ironwood, Yellowstone Family, Rim Rock West, Country Mannor, Olympic, Westwood

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