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Billings doctor advises people to get the vaccine instead of using Ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment



Billings, Montana – An anti-parasitic medicine routinely used in the livestock industry is now being investigated as a COVID-19 treatment for people who refuse the vaccination.

You’ve probably heard of Ivermectin, but should it actually be used to treat COVID?

Dr. Brad Fuller, the owner of Fuller Family Medicine, talked to us. He says that while some patients have requested the medicine, he will not be prescribing it to COVID patients because the FDA has not authorized it.

Ivermectin has been used for years to treat Scabies and parasitic infections, according to the doctor, but there are currently no studies indicating that it is safe for COVID patients to take.

The same medicine, but in substantially bigger quantities, is used to treat livestock animals.

Dr. Fuller is worried that patients looking for Ivermectin are getting the wrong dosage. People can overdose, he claims, resulting in brain and heart disorders.

Dr. Fuller believes that studies on the drug’s effects on COVID are being conducted, but that, like our new vaccines, they must be carefully evaluated on tens of thousands of patients.

“We’ve got that for the vaccines, we’ve got that for different antibodies, we’ve got that from different medications that we are using for COVID, but is not there yet for Ivermectin. And heck, if it did work so well why wouldn’t it be approved? We want to save lives, the government wants to save lives, so if it’s a conspiracy people are concerned about… It just doesn’t hold water for me. It’s an unsafe medicine, potentially, and it hasn’t been studied,” he said.

According to Dr. Fuller, research may show that Ivermectin helps treat COVID-19 patients, but to be safe, he advises that people listen to their doctors and get vaccinated.

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