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Billings’ Grand Opening is celebrated by BHFCU with $5,500 in donations



Billings, Montana – Black Hills Federal Credit Union (BHFCU) donated $5,500 to the community to mark the launch of its first location in Billings.

BHFCU held a weeklong celebration in May to mark the inauguration of their Billings West Park facility, which included a volunteer component.

Members and locals were urged to stop by the new venue to register to win $500 cash and the chance to choose the charity that would get a $5,000 gift.

Tyson Taylor, vice president of Mountain Market, stated, “We are extremely appreciative to our members and delighted to serve them as we integrate into the Billings community.

“We wanted to include a chance to give money to a person and give them a chance to positively impact our community when we were planning our grand opening,” the company said. Keith, the lucky $500 winner, chose to donate the $5,000 prize to the Scottish Rite Language Clinic.

Children who have difficulty speaking might receive services from the clinic through a collaboration with speech therapists in Billings.

The Scottish Rite presently pays for 60 children’s speech therapy sessions each month in Billings.

The true excitement, according to Taylor, came when she shared the chance to donate $5,000 to charity. “While notifying Keith of his $500 prize was fun, the real excitement came when sharing the $5,000 charity donation opportunity,” she said.

“We won’t soon forget letting our winner participate in the experience of shocking a charitable organization.”

The first site in Montana and the 18th overall for BHFCU is in Billings West Park.

It has Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) technology and four people from Billings work there full-time.

Through business gifts, employee fundraising efforts, and contributions from members and community supporters to the Black Hills FCU Charitable Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, BHFCU supports local needs.

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