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Billings MET Transit gets new schedule, routes and updates October 2



Billings, Montana – The Billings MET Transit announced a new route system and schedule with more frequent and timely stops after 50 years of operation.

According to the press release issued by the City of Billings on Thursday, September 14, the new routes and schedule with more than 450 designated stops will start on October 2.

Their website offers updates, and in the upcoming weeks, printed schedules will also be made accessible.

The existing wave system, when a passenger requests a stop anytime along the route, will be eliminated because the stops are marked with MET signs around each quarter-mile marker.

This new approach attempts to keep buses on schedule and give passengers stops that are simpler to find and are more easily accessible.

A 15-minute circulator route downtown, numerous 30-minute routes, enhanced services on Saturdays, and longer weekday service hours from 5:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. are just a few of the additional advantages that MET is thrilled to announce.

“MET is also introducing features to make the passenger experience more convenient,” the news release states. “The Passio Go App, available on Google Play and the App Store, allows riders to track their bus in real time by selecting ‘City of Billings MET Transit’ as their agency.”

The recently erected kiosks at the Stewart Park and Downtown Transfer Centers and the downloaded software both allow users to purchase bus passes and pay for fare using their phones.

“The option to purchase a pass at the MET office, 1705 Monad Rd., and City Hall, 210 N. 27th St. is still available, along with cash payment in exact change when boarding a bus for a one-way fare.”

Billings will soon join the list of towns that use Google Transit, a free service that makes it easier for passengers to plan trips by providing details on stations, routes, schedules, and rates.



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