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Billings’ new garbage routes are off to a good start



Billings, Montana – When it comes to garbage collection, the city of Billings has made some adjustments, including new routes and waste pick-up days.

Shane Kloepfel, the driver of a garbage truck in Billings, may think it’s just another workday, but it’s actually the second day of his new route through the city.

“Everybody so far has been really good. Just more questions,” said Kloepfel on Tuesday.

Since the new collection system is zone-optimized, a new garbage day is now available to 85% of the population.

“Much more efficient for us, so that’s going to lead to less miles driven, less fuel, wear and tear, maintenance, all that stuff that comes with less miles,” said Kyle Foreman, Billings Solid Waste superintendent.

Residents will also notice a shift as a result of the new cardboard recycling program.

“The most important thing is that this stuff was being buried. Starting today, it won’t be,” Foreman said.

Residents can request a free pickup by placing a stack of clean cardboard next to their trash cans once each month.

“Before we made that switch, 50% of what the extras were when we drove around was cardboard. It’s your Amazon boxes, your Costco boxes, your Sam’s boxes,” said Foreman.

However, that necessitates a $5 per item call-in fee for extra rubbish collection.

“Billings residents get virtually free access to the landfill. So, if it’s something that we can’t get to or won’t get to or now that we’re charging to get to, if you have the ability, take it out there, it’s free,” Foreman said.

A new path is a pleasant change for Kloepfel.

“It’ll take a little longer to get bored ‘cuz we’re still trying to learn them,” said Kloepfel.

He does, however, have a request for the people of Billings.

“All I ask is have your stuff out by seven o’clock. If it’s your garbage day with your extra cardboard, have it about four feet apart or so, it’s a little easier on the driver,” Kloepfel said.


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