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Billings now has a location of the popular restaurant Spitz



Billings, Montana – Spitz, a brand-new Mediterranean eatery, has started serving customers in the Magic City’s Downtown neighborhood.

The business, which is well-known in six other states and has its first location in Billings, is named after the method of cooking the meat.

Jenna O’Brien, a co-owner and resident of Billings, claimed that she frequently visited the Downtown Salt Lake City store when she traveled to Utah and that she wanted to bring those flavors back to Billings.

There are meat and vegan options available everywhere. The menu offers a number of versions that are influenced by Turkish street food.

salads, bowls, and even the traditional Baklava from the Mediterranean region.

Some of the first visitors to the Billings facility, Bernardine Grays and Linda Maio, expressed their excitement at the variety of alternatives available.

“It’s nice that there is a lot on the menu here because a lot of people are vegan or vegetarian, it’s really nice to know that you have more to choose from than most of the other restaurants,” Bernardine said.

“Oh, I loved it dear; we have been wanting to have good Mediterranean and we have the Athenian and some other places, but it’s so nice that it’s here and it’s delicious,” said Linda.

Spitz is open seven days a week from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and is situated on North Broadway in the heart of Downtown Billings.

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