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Billings Police Department switches from Twitter to Facebook to share information



Billings, Montana – In the future, the Billings Police Department will use social media channels to alert the public and media about situations to which it has reacted and is conducting an investigation.

The Billings Police Department has been using Twitter for several years to disseminate real-time information about occurrences occurring in the neighborhood. Twitter has changed over the years, most recently in the last few weeks, and as a result, it is no longer the most effective way to spread our messages. The Billing Police Department’s Twitter account is now up, but the BPD commanders will not use it to disseminate anything.

The Billings Police Department intends to grant department commanders access to the Facebook page of the Billings Police Department. This will be the platform where the release of information is posted and updated for the time being. While it may take many days to grant access to all necessary commanders, a strategy is in place in case it becomes necessary to inform the public while we conduct this change.

In order to inform the public in the best way possible, we will keep an eye on upcoming and additional social media platforms.

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