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Billings preschool teacher is honored with a “Hearts for the Holidays” giveaway



Billings, Montana – Around this time of year, Hardin Chevrolet hosts their yearly “Hearts for the Holidays” car giveaway as a way to thank and celebrate the local community.

After going through the hundreds of submissions they had this year, they concluded that Kylie Filler of Billings was deserving of a new car!

Kylie, a naturalist teacher at the “little fledgling preschool” of the Montana Audubon Center, was just diagnosed with stage three lymphoma cancer.

She had four children and was reliant on friends to assist get her and her family to doctor’s visits and work, even though she had just recently begun her treatment.

‘Hearts for the Holidays’ claims that Kylie’s altruism is what makes her the ideal beneficiary of this gift. One of those friends, Sarah Chatwood, tells us that Kylie is the first to volunteer when she sees someone down or in need.

“I can’t even put into words how big this is for my family. We’ve been without a car since October and that’s about the same time all my medical stuff really was taking off. I had surgery, just all of those things you get hit with when you first have this diagnosis and all the things I have to do and I didn’t have a car,” Kylie said. “This gets me to treatments, gets my kids to where they need to be, to the hospital. This takes care of the things we really need to take care of.”

Since the program’s inception in 2008, Hardin Chevrolet has offered free cars to community members who can be nominated by anyone who may be going through a difficult time and lacks dependable transportation. That typically includes toys and grocery gift cards as well, which greatly improves the lives of folks like Kylie.



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