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Billings Public Schools is keeping up with its winter operating procedures



Billings, Montana – This week’s lows in the Magic City have dropped below zero, but Billings Public Schools are carrying on with business as usual and implementing winter procedures.

“We’re talking with the National Weather Service here in town, as well as communicating to parents what clothes are best in these conditions,” said Chris Olszewski, the Executive Director of Curriculum for Billings Public Schools.

Olszewski claimed that while some families still had to report to work, many would have no other childcare options if schools were abruptly closed.

“We have to think of the entire community. If we closed today on such short notice, we still have parents that have to report to work. That would mean parents may be forced to leave their kids home alone, or have to find last minute childcare that they can’t get.”

According to Olszewski, the district is adjusting how schools run based on the weather, providing indoor recess, and counseling parents on what their children should wear to school.

“A lot of students rely on the district and don’t have other options,” explained Olszewski.

“A lot of our students need food through our backpack lunch programs. And with a long weekend coming up, some of those kids may not have any food over the weekend unless that food is provided for them.”

Olszewski finished by adding that Billings Public Schools will keep a careful eye on the weather throughout the winter.



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