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Billings tow truck driver urges cautious driving on icy roads



Billings, Montana – Due to the state of the roads in Billings, local tow truck companies have received a high volume of calls recently, as they anticipate an increase in business during the winter months.

“Usually we get a couple, but this time of year, we can get like 15 or 20,” said Kris Moore, the Owner, and Operator of Thin Line Towing and Recovery.

Moore stated that routine vehicle maintenance is a solution to a significant portion of the problems that result in calls from locals requesting towing services.

“There have been calls where I see the tire conditions, and even in the summer I’d say not to drive with those, let alone the winter,” said Moore.

“People need to pay attention to that stuff. Check tire pressure, things like that,” said Moore.

“Some people don’t even clear their front and back windshields from the snow before they leave, and I don’t even think I have to say how ridiculous that is.”

Moore concluded his remarks by stating that he is acquainted with individuals who have been gravely impacted by the actions of unsafe drivers. He advocated that during this time of year, individuals take the time to slow down and remain safe.

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