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Billings Trailnet receives donations for Skyline Trail



Two men concerned about bicycle safety recently made some donations to Billings Trailnet to help build the Skyline Trail.

Retired fireman Dick Charbonneau donated another $20,000.

He had previously given $60,000 and there is a plaque with his name on the trail.

A bicyclist, who wants to remain anonymous, was hit by a car on Garden Avenue last year and donated $2,500 from an insurance settlement.

A total of $27,000 has been donated in December.

The Skyline Trail is partially built and will run along Highway 3 from Zimmerman Park to Swords Park.

It is part of the planned 26.2 mile Marathon Loop around Billings.

“They both are and were avid cyclists and wanted to see more safe routes for pedestrians and everyone,” said Kristi Drake, Billings Trailnet executive director. “These donations are wonderful because they do help us advocate and put money toward any projects that the city wants to do for trail building. And Safe Routes to School, having safe places, away from traffic where people can commute or recreate is just critical.”

Drake said Billings Trailnet is fundraising to help build another $10 million dollars worth of trails.

The city obtained funding from the federal Build program.

Some of that will go toward the $3 million Skyline Trail, which Drake said could be completed by the Summer of 2022.

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