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Billings veterinarian offers tips to keep pets warm during winter



People aren’t the only ones that have to stay warm during the cold- pets do as well.

Dr. Edie Best of Billings Family Animal Hospital said Thursday morning that short hair pets like Boxers and Weimaraner dog breeds should have some type of covering and booties when temperatures drop to 20 degrees above zero or lower. She said dogs can get snowballs stuck in between their paws which can be painful.

She said that it is necessary to limit how long dogs are on walks or playing outside during colder days.

“I would limit to 15 or 20 minutes at the most. If they want to go on two to three walks a day at that temperature, then that is fine. When it gets to… what it is going to be tonight and tomorrow night, probably just out to potty and back in,” said Best

She said it is important to watch for signs that your dog is cold.

“They shiver a lot. They start picking up their paws and looking at you. When they are starting to do that, it is time to get them in,” said Best.

Best said that for outdoor cats, it is good to provide them with heated water dishes, insulated shelters, and heated pet beds to stay warm while outside.

Best also said that before people go out and start their car, they should tap on the hood and make sure there are no animals, such as stray cats.

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