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Billings West High School put in shelter in place for suspicious person near the school



Billings, Montana – On Wednesday, Billings West High School served as a temporary refuge due to a suspicious person in the vicinity.

According to Billings Public Schools (BPS), an officer was sent to the area to patrol and look into claims that someone was allegedly peering through automobile and residential windows.

Another report of a person on a motorbike conversing with three ladies in another automobile was made while the officer was on patrol.

According to reports, a neighbor challenged the motorcycle rider, who then took off.

A third complaint of a dubious motorcycle rider approaching a group of girls was received.

The girls claimed that the person made strange remarks that upset them. They noted the motorcycle’s license plate number and provided it to the police.

A shelter in place recommendation was made for West High School as a result of the incidents, and it was lifted about 15 minutes later, signifying a diminished threat, according to BPS.

No other information regarding the suspected person or the incidents was made public.

“Billings Public Schools remains dedicated to maintaining the safety and security of the school community. Updates will be provided to the public as the investigation progresses. Residents are urged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement,” BPS wrote.


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