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Billings will mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day



Billings, Montana – Over 369,000 older citizens were victims of financial elder abuse worldwide, according to the Montana Attorney General’s Office.

By increasing knowledge of the problem, potential victims may be able to avoid being duped.

This entails warning prospective victims about the many frauds and when not to divulge information.

People who are isolated become more prone to problems.

Some members of the community interact with seniors more frequently and may be able to stop financial elder abuse.

The head of Adult Resource Alliance, Mike Larson, stated that “some people are in a position to have a serious impact.” And there are those who work in the banking industry, the medical field, or as financial advisors; they frequently interact with people. The more informed that group is, the more impact they can have in preventing that specific form of elder abuse.

Thursday is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Austin Knudsen, the attorney general of Montana, will discuss programs designed to help seniors avoid financial frauds at Stockman Bank in Billings.

Open houses will be held at the 37 Montana locations of Stockman.

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