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Billings woman giving toilet paper and paper towels to those in need



A Billings woman is giving away toilet paper and paper towels to those in need.

Lynn Roach and her family have been putting together packages with toilet paper, paper towels, homemade hand sanitizer, soap and a scripture. She said they originally started the project to help the elderly, but the packages are available for anyone in need. They have also made some packages with diapers and wipes.

Roach said, “We’ve been doing ding-dong-ditch style. So, we’ve been just putting it on their porch, ringing the doorbell and leaving. I just send them a quick text, tell them we’re praying for them and love them. And, they all seem pretty happy. I think it brings them a little bit of comfort to know somebody’s thinking about them.”

Roach added, “It gives us immense joy. We love this. This is what we do. We love to help and it gives us so much joy to bring other people a little bit of comfort.”

One of the women receiving a package said she wasn’t getting the package for herself.

The woman said, “Well, I’m picking up for someone else. She just had surgery, has five kids, so she isn’t really able to drive. She was in the hospital when all of this started, so she didn’t have a chance to stock up.”

Roach says if you need one of the packages, or if you are interested in helping, you can contact her through Facebook. She said she is also interested in businesses that would be willing to be pick up points for the packages.

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