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Blarney stones popular St. Patrick’s Day tradition in Butte



Butte, Montana – Unless the shamrock flag is placed atop the Blarney Stone, St. Patrick’s Day in Butte is not truly celebrated.

The Uptown Café has been making sweet, festive goodies for years, and it certainly ushers in the St. Patrick’s Day season.

“The orders are piling in so quick, we’re just hoping that we’re going to be able to fill everything for everybody,” said Uptown Café co-owner Angela Stevens.

And there’s a lot of demand.

“We get phone calls, and emails, I get stopped in the grocery store. We had a person call from Colorado yesterday asking if we could ship them,” said baker Spencer Whitchurch.

This year they have been so well received that they anticipate selling more than a thousand by St. Patrick’s Day.

“It’s more overwhelming than I thought it was going to be because with everything in recent years, with St. Paddy’s Day getting closed down the one year because of COVID,” said Whitchurch.

I even attempted to make one. Let’s go! That’s it. How do you feel?

“You did a wonderful job,” said Whitchurch.

“Butte is known for their Irish and it’s just fun to be part of it now, I’ve been here celebrating, but to actually have my hands in the middle of it, it’s been a lot of fun,” said Stevens.


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