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Bozeman city manager’s leaked comments about Austin hit the news in Texas



Bozeman, Montana – Since February 1, Bozeman City Manager Jeff Mihelich has been on paid administrative leave due to a video call that was leaked and in which he criticizes fellow members of the City Commission. His story is currently trending outside of Bozeman.

CBS Austin anchor Walt MaciBorski says, “Bozeman Montana’s City Manager is in hot water tonight over a series of comments he made during a video conference call that he thought was private. Included in those comments, were some choice words about the city of Austin, and their open city manager position.”

As we previously reported, Mihelich is seen complaining to a coworker about working in a tiny town and Bozeman Mayor Terry Cunningham in the released video. Mihelich continues by discussing how to get recruited for the position of City Manager in Austin.

CBS Austin reporter Andrew Freeman says, “What he thought was in secret, Jeff Mihelich told a colleague that he was contacted by a recruiter searching for Austin City Manager candidates. Not only did he then go on to disparage the city of Austin and its form of government, he alleges he was told that position would pay, get this, $475,000.”

In the video, Mihelich says, “But guess what it pays? Just the base salary. You just guess, it’s funny.”

Freeman then goes on to say, “Then he disparages the city with how its government is structured.”

Mihelich continues, “There’s no way a city like that operates like it should.”

According to Freeman, they requested a statement from Mihelich but received no response.
Officials from the City of Bozeman say that while they are investigating the incident’s details, it is too soon to determine what will happen next.

Mihelich cannot be contacted for comment as he is currently on administrative leave.
The public is invited to a special meeting that will be held at City Hall on Monday to discuss the future steps for the City Manager.


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