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Bozeman City seeks a new law to prohibit urban camping



Bozeman, Montana — The City of Bozeman is putting out a new rule that would place limitations on camping in urban areas.

The Bozeman Municipal Commission will consider enacting an ordinance on Tuesday, August 8, that will impose additional limitations on the hours, locations, and methods of camping and squatting on municipal streets.

If there is no alternative suitable shelter, the proposed legislation permits people to spend up to five days in a car or tent.

In addition, it would be unlawful for anybody to camp next to or across from a house, park, school, or daycare center, on a bike lane or sidewalk, or within 100 feet of a place of business.

This legislation is being proposed, according to assistant city manager Kira Peters, as a result of the rise in urban camping near Bozeman.

“We really want to make sure that we are paying attention to being able to have people be in compliance, especially in terms of, you know, really blocking, say, for example, a bike lane or really parking someplace that isn’t permitted for various reasons,” says Peters. “We have seen a lack of compliance with keeping areas tidy. You know, we did a recent street cleanup earlier this summer at the end of May, the beginning of June. I know that we did the same thing, but there are some areas that are not keeping up with keeping clean and tidy. So that’s another reason that we hope this ordinance will give, you know, some tools to city staff to help enforce and have people comply with those rules.”

The Bozeman City Commission will meet at City Hall on Tuesday at 6 o’clock.



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