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Bozeman police shoot and murder a man



Bozeman, Montana – On Monday afternoon, when the man was seated in a car, police shot and killed him in south Bozeman after the man allegedly brandished a gun.

The incident involved five cops, according to a statement from the city of Bozeman.

Jim Veltkamp, the chief of police in Bozeman, claimed that the man had called the police to report that “people were on their way to kill him.” He was making the call from a residence on Bungalow Lane in south Bozeman, close to Goldenstein Lane and Kagy Boulevard.

He was carrying a shotgun. Police arrived at the scene around 1:12 PM, claims the press statement.

According to Veltkamp, the man left the house and drove around the corner to Greenmore Court while the police were en route.

After approaching the car, the officers had a brief conversation with the individual, according to Veltkamp.

The man pulled out a gun at some point during the conversation, and shooting started. According to Veltkamp, all five of the policemen looked to have fired shots.

He passed away.

According to the release, none of the police suffered any injuries. As soon as they could after the gunshot, police approached the car while concealing themselves behind a shield, according to Veltkamp.

According to Veltkamp, the shooting is being investigated by the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation. The shooting’s participating cops have all been placed on administrative leave.

Both video from patrol cars and the officers’ body cams were in use. According to Veltkamp, the video will be used in the investigation.

“They’ll conduct a very comprehensive investigation to determine what has happened,” Veltkamp said.

The man’s identify was not immediately disclosed. Veltkamp stated that as the inquiry progresses, his identity would probably be made public.

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