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Bridger Bowl booming: Students prefer go skiing than study



Montana – Skiers have reported that the conditions at Bridger Bowl are excellent, with fresh powder covering the terrain. If I were a student right now, I might have to call in sick to school because of the weather.

“’I usually hit em’ with the old ‘I have a doctor’s appointment I forgot about…and it’s this afternoon’,” said Z Komanecky who was out at Bridger Bowl today with his two friends, Braden Simms and Josh Jones. They are all MSU students who have been skiing Bridger Bowl for years.

“It’s a good time,” said Jones.

“It’s fun, it’s steep, and Big Sky is way too expensive,” said Komanecky.

“The lift lines aren’t that long either,” said Simms.

Powder days, according to the pals, are hard to resist. “Anytime there’s snow and we’re not working you gotta get out,” said Komanecky. “I woke up, looked out my window, saw a good three inches, got stoked, and called the boys.”

Since they are on vacation, they have some time until they have to go back to school, but they claim that occasionally skipping class is necessary to have the perfect day of skiing.

“We’re still getting good grades, having a great time getting our degrees, but sometimes you’ve just gotta shred,” said Komanecky.

Not everyone is out today enjoying Bridger Bowl with their pals.

About 3,600 people went skiing today, according to the Bridger Bowl marketing team.

The parking lot was crowded when I was passing by this afternoon. People are being reminded to park one door apart by the marketing department.

A free bus runs from MSU and the Gallatin County Fairgrounds for people who don’t want to waste time looking for parking on a busy day.

The buddies said they’ll continue to visit Bridger Bowl despite its popularity because of its accessibility, good times, and fantastic terrain.
“Shout out to Bridger Bowl,” said Simms.


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