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Canada Lynx, OP, “Optimus Prime,” has passed away, according to ZooMontana



Billings, Montana – On Saturday, ZooMontana announced the untimely demise of Canada Lynx, O.P., also known as “Optimus Prime”.

Following multiple health struggles, O.P. passed away on Friday afternoon and was compassionately put to sleep in the company of his caregivers and vets, according to ZooMontana.

ZooMontana made a heartfelt statement on social media about the beloved Canada Lynx, saying, “O.P was a shy cat, had a stare that could make you freeze, and was typically more low key and calmer than his companion Fierca; but he still had a playful side. Sometimes, you could see him and Fierca playing together, running and jumping through their habitat. O.P. came to ZooMontana from the Seneca Park Zoo and was just shy of his 15th birthday. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts go out to his caregivers, who have showered him with love and attention during his time here. RIP O.P.”

O.P. relocated to ZooMontana from Rochester, New York’s Seneca Park Zoo in late 2014. He was sent to ZooMontana to be with Fierca, the other Canada lynx at the zoo.

Optimus Prime, may you rest in peace. We will miss you terribly.

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