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Canal in Billings repaired after weekend overflow



Billings, Montana – According to the president of the Billings Bench Water Association, Jim Scott, water flow to the Billings Bench Water Association canal was restored Wednesday morning after being shut off for an overflow emergency on Sunday.

When a tunnel blockage caused the canal to overflow into a North Side neighborhood and forced the evacuation of about 96 homes, water was diverted at Canyon Creek.

It will take up to five days to fill the canal completely.

Billings Bench Water Association employees have been working to fix a breach on the canal bank caused by an excavator that dug through softened earth since the overflow.

According to Scott, Crews also worked to raise the bank near the canal tunnel near North 15th Street and the section of overflow near North 19th Street.

The canal, which has recently been repaired, is one of several owned and managed by the Billings Bench Water Association that stretch for miles from Laurel to Shepherd. Stott expressed hope that water will now be flowing to ratepayers for the remainder of the season

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