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Casual Space Montana



Billings, Montana- Alana Sukut is on a mission to create a community that celebrates Billings and all those who live and work here. You can browse and buy locally created items here at the corner of 24th and Broadwater.

“All I do is rent out the space and whatever they make, they get to keep,” explained Sukut.

But that’s only part of her new venture. The other part is the community gathering spot she created where members can congregate and bond.

“You can literally just get a membership and come and go as you please,” said Sukut. “And to have that flexibility, you know especially as a family where you have a kid who is busy and maybe they’re happy for thirty minutes and then it’s time to go, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your money.”

To find out more information, hours of operation, or membership fees, visit their website,

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