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Children’s book published by Billings Mom, nicknamed Mrs. Zero Mass Shootings



Billings, Montana – A mom from Billings has published her first book about a subject she wishes she didn’t have to write about. Emily Romrell is the woman who goes by the moniker “Mrs. Zero Mass Shootings.”

“This is Listen, Run, Hide,” reads Emily Romrell from her recently published children’s book. “Can I show you what I learned today that my teacher said will keep me safe?”

The author of the FBI’s active shooter training wrote the preface to this Billings mom’s book. It is intended to be read aloud to children by caregivers in the home.

“I wrote this when I was looking for this exact book to read to my daughter before she started kindergarten,” said Romrell.

This mother also wishes that the book, which is no longer required, eventually ends up in a museum.

The book is intended to serve as a manual, instructing readers on what to do in a terrifying circumstance. Among the lessons? If it’s necessary to breach the rules at school to keep safe, don’t be scared to do it.

“Her physical safety is the most important thing to me, more important than the rules at school, not running in halls, that kind of thing,” says Romrell.

“What should I do if I’m not near a teacher tho? Like what if I’m walking back from the bathroom?” says Romrell as she reads an excerpt from her new book.

Speaking about the response to mass shootings doesn’t need to be difficult, according to Mrs. Zero Mass Shootings, who is active on social media. It’s a discussion with inquisitive children who are discovering the world.

“For my 3-year-old, I’m already pointing out emergency exits, and you know, as we are at Target, ‘Hey look there’s an emergency exit,’” says Romrell.

The next book, which is sure to spark conversation as pupils realize bad guys can occasionally enter schools, aims to reduce the anxiety that can accompany lockdown drills.

“I feel strongly that parents should be there for their kids. They should be having those conversations and not leave their kids alone with it,” says Romrell.

Near the end of August, pre-orders for Listen, Run, Hide will go on sale. Visit Mrs. Zero Mass Shootings on social media for additional details.

In Billings, School District No. 2 and Emily Romrell are collaborating on the implementation of an anonymous reporting system to stop mass shootings, which should be ready this fall. The groups that support anonymous reporting mechanisms will benefit financially from a share of the book’s sales.

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