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Christmas gifts donated to the Butte homeless shelter



Butte, Montana – Being homeless is never a good thing, but it may be particularly challenging over the holidays.

However, several Butte churches, groups, and people have been leaving behind donated Christmas gifts to brighten the spirits of those going through a difficult period.

“Look at that, that’s about 200 rounds of Nerf bullets in there. I’m continually blown away by the generosity and the goodwill of so many people in this community that just want to see others do well,” said Butte Rescue Mission Executive Director Brayton Erickson.

Donated Christmas gifts are still being received by the Butte Rescue Mission’s shelter, and this tiny deed of kindness has a significant impact.

“Sometimes it can be very difficult to brighten somebody’s day and to bring joy and hope in the holiday season,” said Erickson.

Earlier in the fall, St. John’s Episcopal Church members began gathering presents to give to the shelter.

“It turned out that St. John’s stepped up big time and they all brought presents, and we just had a whole load of presents in the back,” said St. John’s Church member Bob Tobin.

The Winter Solstice and Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, December 21, 2023, coincides with the gift-giving. It’s a day to remember everyone who lost their life due to homelessness.

“The longest night of the year can be a very cold, long, depressing night. So, we’re doing our part to make sure it’s not as cold, and not as long, and it’s hope-filled,” said Erickson.

Donations of food, clothing, or gifts can be brought to the shelter at 610 East Platinum Street.

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