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Commissioners from Yellowstone County ask the City of Billings to cover the cost of a temporary detention facility



Billings, Montana – In a letter to the city of Billings on Tuesday, the commissioners of Yellowstone County requested funding for half of a project that would create a facility for short-term imprisonment within the Yellowstone County imprisonment Facility.

“It’s a way to make sure people who commit misdemeanors get off the streets, even if it’s just for the night,” said Mark Morse, a Yellowstone County Commissioner.

First, the county was given a $500,000 offer by the city to assist in the construction of a temporary structure to serve as a holding facility.

After it was determined that there were too many unresolvable potential security risks, the county is expanding the current facility.

Two stories with 48 beds each for male and female prisoners would be the planned extension to YCDF. An estimated $6 million will be spent.

“We had a crime spike last Summer, and that’s what got us thinking about the facility,” explained Morse.

“A lot of officers can’t get misdemeanor felons off the streets because our jail is full. If we have a new facility, we can get people off the streets so they can have their day in court as soon as possible. That’s why we need the city’s help in getting that $3 million to help pay for half of the construction. If it does, it could take no less than two years to get done.”

According to Morse, the money wouldn’t come from taxpayers.

As of Tuesday, I had not received a response from Yellowstone County Finance Director Jennifer Jones when I attempted to inquire about the precise source of the money.



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