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Concerns about driving on I-90 and Bozeman Pass



Bozeman, Montana – Please use caution if you intend to travel on Tuesday through Bozeman Pass or eastward on I-90 from Bozeman toward Billings.

Strong crosswinds this morning are causing semi-trucks and towing units to deviate through Livingston to prevent high-profile vehicles from blowing over. This morning, accidents close to Livingston have already obstructed the westbound driving lane.

Travelers should be prepared for the possibility of low visibility and hazardous driving conditions along highways and interstates at various points during the day and into the evening because strong winds are predicted throughout the region.

Even though there may not be much snow, the combination of freshly fallen snow and existing snow might make for treacherous driving conditions. This morning, there have been reports of sporadic snow and ice from Livingston to regions east of Billings along I-90 and I-94.

According to meteorologist Matt Elwell, there is a chance of gusty winds exceeding 40–60 mph into the evening, which could seriously disrupt transport as sporadic snow showers pass across the region. If you plan to travel in these conditions today and overnight, be ready for delays and make sure you have extra food and water, warm clothes, and charged phones.


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