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Crooks Fire near Arlee still raging



Crooks Fire near Arlee still raging

Arlee, Montana – The Crooks fire, which is 10 miles east of Arlee, is still raging.

The fire is estimated to be 1,130 acres in size and is zero percent contained, according to firefighters in a Saturday report.

The fire has been more active on the north flank in recent days due to hot, dry conditions, according to firefighters. During the last two days, a type 1 and type 2 helicopter have assisted in preventing the spread of the fire. Near the south fork gate and along the south fork road, firefighters are preparing containment and contingency lines.

There are no structures in danger, and there are no evacuation orders in place.

The following areas are closed to the public:

  • St. Mary’s to the North Fork is closed
  • Main Jocko Road (1000 Rd) is closed at the 3000 Rd junction.

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