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Donate blood this National Blood Donor Month to save thousands of lives!



Billings, Montana – National Blood Donor Month, observed in January, is a period when blood donors are recognized and encouraged to continue saving lives by giving blood.

Anyone who is a first-time donor can find a welcoming environment at Vitalant Blood Donation where their concerns can be allayed and their questions can be addressed.

According to Matthew Taggart, a Donor Care Team Leader at Vitalant for eight and a half years, most blood donation facilities ask their donors to eat a low-fat meal and drink plenty of water prior to their blood donation appointment, unlike hospitals that require people to fast before getting their bloodwork done.

“If it’s in the morning time, a good breakfast, such as eggs, toast, a protein with it and typically 45 mins to an hour prior to you coming in gives your body time to absorb that meal and minimizes any discomfort. We also want you to be hydrated because you are losing fluids throughout the donation. By replenishing that prior to and during the donation, just helps kind of keep those fluid levels up,” explained Taggart.

He emphasized the significance of blood donation and added that each donation has a direct effect on the entire community.

“I have met donors who personally needed a blood transfusion. So, we hear stories every day and it does impact. I mean, that’s the one good thing is how humanizing it is. You see direct results from the efforts that we make and what our community makes,” said Taggart.

A modest gesture like giving blood can have a big influence on the neighborhood.

At least three extra lives are saved with every donor. So make sure you volunteer this month to save lives!

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