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Dream Chasers Racing hopes to mark Montana’s racing industry



Dream Chasers Racing gives everyone an opportunity to cross the finish line, and that’s exactly what they did recently at Big Sky Speedway.

Dream Chasers Racing is hoping to create a name for itself in Montana’s racing business in its first year. Richard Lee Todd, a dedicated founder who helped build the motocross circuit at Big Sky Speedway, is at the helm.

“It took us about a month and a half because we all have full time jobs so we did it on the weekends and when we could and so it was a little bit at a time and you come in and you process the dirt and you have to shape it but most importantly we want the track to be exciting but safe,” Todd said.

Allowing young children to participate and get a chance to learn the sport is one of the organization’s goal.

“We get them started early and then all the way up the pros. It’s really a cool thing. You get all the way out here and those are the real dream chasers you know. They got the vision and you see them out here, it’s so cool,” said Todd.

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