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During the epidemic, Billings’ antique mall experiences record-breaking sales



Billings, Montana – Although the pandemic wasn’t helpful for many businesses, it did greatly increase interest in antiques. During and following the pandemic, businesses like YesterYears Antique Mall in downtown Billings had record sales.

Because of his early passion for antiques, Danny Kramer founded YesterYears Antique Mall.

“I’ve always had the heart and passion for antiques, stuff that lasts,” Danny Kramer said on Saturday.

He purchased the 25,000-square-foot antique mall a few years ago, and now he and his family run the company. The manager is his son Austin.

“Before we owned the shop, I didn’t care much for antiques, but his excitement over it definitely rubbed off on our family,” said Austin Kramer.

Even at the height of the pandemic, the family-run firm is currently thriving.

“We’ve thrived through the pandemic. I mean we had the five weeks we were down, and other than that we’ve had record sales for the past three years,” said Danny.

Due to shipping delays during the pandemic, many box chain businesses either shuttered or had limited inventory, in contrast to antique stores where everything is immediately available.

“I think people are getting smart, they want to buy stuff that lasts. At an antique mall, you can buy a piece of furniture that’s going to last your whole life,” Danny said.

Customers visit the mall from all across the nation. From Powell, Wyoming, Allison Morrison, and her family were traveling to Billings.

“It’s filled with super unique and awesome items that I can see just about any person coming in here and finding their item,” said Morrison.

There is something for everyone in the three-story building’s more than 100 vendors. Finding reusable and sustainable things is Megan Greenwood’s top priority, she claimed.

“I try to come at least once a month ‘cuz I like to see the new stuff and try to find my pickle jars which I’ve finally found after a couple of years,” Greenwood said.

According to Danny, the success of YesterYears has aided in increasing foot traffic to other downtown businesses.

“I think downtown Billings is booming. The businesses are coming back. We got the House of Books which moved on our block because of YesterYears Antique Mall,” said Danny.

And the Kramers are appreciative of the help from the neighborhood.

“It very nice to see people come down and support the local businesses, support our family and the 85 small business that we cater to,” Austin said.


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