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D’Vaughn Hayes on TEDx Billings, volunteer work



Billings, Montana – Less than 1% of the population in Montana is African American, and February is Black History Month. However, residents of the Black community in Billings are accomplishing some amazing things.

D’Vaughn Hayes, a native of Billings, is one of these community members. He is a man whose love for Billings has inspired others to feel the same way about the Magic City.

“I love Billings honestly, I do,” said D’Vaughn Hayes on Wednesday.

It’s rare to find someone who values Billings as highly as Hayes does.

“The growth that Billings has seen over the 32 years of my life is pretty incredible if you ask me. Not just from a population standpoint, but business, and industry, and things like that,” Hayes said.

Because Hayes is half Black and partly White, he has a distinct viewpoint in our predominantly White neighborhood. The senior high school graduate has observed both the physical and social changes in Billings.

“I had more interactions with racist people growing up, for sure. I was teased every once in a while growing but I don’t think that’s the case anymore, so that makes me proud of Billings,” said Hayes.

He has put a lot of effort into becoming an agent of that transformation.

“I had years and years of being involved in the community and different volunteering organizations,” Hayes said.

The TDS Fiber field marketing manager serves on the Billings NextGen leadership team as well as the Billings Chamber of Commerce’s advisory council for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Additionally, he is the inspiration for TEDx Billings, an occasion that will feature performances and lectures from motivational local leaders.

“I want to showcase all the incredible people that we have here in Billings, the ideas, innovations, just the different perspectives that people hold here,” said Hayes.

As the head coach for several youth leagues, he invests in his wife and three children in addition to his community.

“I really just love playing with my kids,” Hayes said.

He hopes that one day they will value Billings as much as he does.

“I hope they grow up and they see that, while they could leave and go other places, Billings is a great town. And hopefully, they see that their dad had some part to play in making Billings a great place for them to grow up and live in,” said Hayes.


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