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Eric Dowdle, a well-known folk artist, will paint Butte for the new puzzle



Butte, Montana – A well-known folk artist who was hired by the city to paint a picture of Butte stated that it would be difficult to capture all of the city’s distinct character in a single painting since Butte is a city with so much character that it deserves to be considered a work of art.

“I would have to search high and low for something this interesting right here, in any city, and you got 40 vignettes like this,” said artist Eric Dowdle.

Recently, Dowdle had a tour to Butte to help him with his painting ideas. He wasn’t let down.

“And to have the rigs on the hill and the mining right in the middle of town, this is as unique as it gets and it really tells a western story. So, I felt immediately—I immediately texted my staff and was like, ‘This is going to be one of our funnest paintings,’” he said.

Dowdle was commissioned by the Butte Chamber of Commerce and BLDC to paint an image of the city, which will be turned into 15,000 puzzles that may be purchased.

“I think this will be a high-demand item that will really drive a lot of interest in the community,” said Tom Cronnelly with the Butte Chamber of Commerce’s executive board.

Butte’s landmarks were shown to Dowdle, who has created puzzles similar to this for 500 locations worldwide, and he was also given background information on the city’s colorful past.

“If I don’t get this side or this information, the soul of a painting doesn’t exist,” said Dowdle.

Money raised from puzzle sales will go toward marketing and promoting Butte.

“We have such a historic community and such a story to tell and Eric Dowdle is that artist that’s able to tell that story for us,” said Butte Chief Executive J.P. Gallagher.

It is anticipated that the riddles will be finished by July.

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